Help Us Help You!

ShowFilmFirst: We’re Here To Help You, Will You Help Us?  

In a world where you can be anything, please be kind.

Did you know that showFilmFirst is run by a very small team of 3 people? Our mission is always to help people find a range of events to brighten their days and help make live entertainment more accessible. We have just got back to work after 18 months of nothing. We did try to work from community service, stacking shelves and making banana cake but we are so happy to be back in business. Consequently, we get a rosy glow when we see our lovely SFF members enjoying great nights out with their friends and family thanks to their SFF membership. However, because of the nature of events and showbiz, sometimes issues can crop up which are completely out of our control. While we want to ensure everyone has a great time and work with great promoters and venues to make this happen, we know things don’t always go to plan. With this in mind, we would really appreciate your understanding when it comes to how ShowFilmFirst operates:

We Can’t Answer Every Email Straightaway

Our team of very busy bees have lots of roles to cover, working with venues and promoters to secure tickets to get our members exclusive access to a variety of events. As a result, we can’t run a large helpdesk. While we endeavour to help all members, it isn’t always feasible to answer every email, and our team does need sleep, so we cannot operate a 24-hour service. However, for all the most common questions that come to our helpdesk, we add them to our FAQs. 99% of the time, you’ll be able to find the answer there. We would really appreciate it if you could check the frequently asked questions and Website queries before emailing the team. If we know that the answer to your query is on the FAQ, then we’ll prioritise responding to other emails first. So please do check the FAQ first as we may not respond to every email personally. Also, please consider what our team can actually do to help rectify any issues. In the last month, we’ve had angry, irate and scary emails covering a range of situations beyond our control, such as:
  • The printer isn’t working and won’t print my ticket
  • The computer crashed while I was getting tickets
  • Why can’t the event be on a different date?
  • Why can’t I get free tickets to this event?
Some of the angry emails we get can leave our staff feeling very upset and anxious, so please remember that there is a very real human behind the inbox. Our team are desperate to help and make life easier for you, but sadly none of the SFF team is superhuman! We noticed this Article in the Guardian and we know its not just our members – the world is suffering from post Covid and there is some sadness and anger there but please – don’t take it out on us!

Please Check The T&Cs

To receive event tickets, we have to comply with event and promoter rules and regulations. These are not set by us. But SFF and our members must follow these rules so that a) members can access the event and b) SFF can keep receiving tickets from that promoter. At SFF, all we want is to keep providing free and cheap event tickets to our members. However, if our members don’t follow the rules, event promoters will be reluctant to let our members in. So please don’t spoil it for the majority of our rule-abiding members. Any rules that we do set for our members are always with your best interest at heart. We want to ensure everyone has a good time and continues to have access to great events. We’re not setting arbitrary rules for our own amusement; we’re doing so because there’s a practical reason behind it. We’re not trying to complicate matters. We don’t like headaches either. We just want to make sure everyone has clear guidelines to work with. So, please don’t get angry at the venue, organisers or event staff. Check the T&Cs before you head out and help to ensure that everyone has a great night.

We’re Not Fight Club (We’re Kind Club)

Okay, so we have one rule that kind of crosses over with Fight Club:

Don’t Talk About Fight Club ShowFilmFirst

But that’s it. The rest of the time, we’re Kind Club, so
  • Please share the love for the events you attend
  • Please talk about what you’ve seen – you can share events on social media.
  • Please be kind to your fellow event-goers
  • But, please don’t say you got your tickets from ShowFilmFirst.
Remember, while you may be attending the event for free or at a discount, most attendees will have spent a lot of money on their tickets, and we don’t want to ruin their night by bragging about the savings we made. However, outside of events, if you think friends or family members would enjoy being part of this exclusive secret club, then please let them know. Just keep it on the down-low.

What We Do Best

ShowFilmFirst is an exclusive club that gets tickets to fill seats, get feedback and introduce new venues. We work hard to handle all the logistics so you can attend great events and be a seat filler. With this in mind, please don’t contact venues directly for queries. Our website should answer all the questions you may have; if it doesn’t, please get in touch with us, not the venue. Remember, we’re such an exclusive club that some venues may not even know about ShowFilmFirst, so they won’t be able to help you. We would really appreciate it if you could
  • Please be kind when emailing the team
  • Please read and follow the T&Cs
  • Please don’t talk about ShowFilmFirst
  • Please don’t contact venues directly
  • Please do talk about the events you enjoy!
Thank you so much for your support; we really do value every member at SFF club