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Get on the Guest List for Research Screenings

Do you love watching films? Do you fancy helping out movie testing companies by being part of a test audience for movies? 

SFF are currently recruiting people who want to get involved in film previews and focus groups for movie screenings around the UK.   Called ‘Test’ ‘Research’ or ‘Audience Reaction screenings – they are have the objective – to see how the film is received.

Could I get involved with film research?

If you have ever left a cinema thinking that the film was alright but there were certain things you would have done differently, now is your opportunity to be part of the movie making process, providing feedback to the studios making the films. We’ve all experienced that sense of disappointment where a film didn’t quite go exactly how we wanted. Why wouldn’t we want the chance to voice our opinions before they make it to cinemas?

Some classic movies such as Pretty Woman and Pretty In Pink were actually seriously altered before release, thanks to audience testing. Test audiences did not think that Duckie, played by Jon Cryer, was the perfect love interest for Molly Ringwald’s character in Pretty In Pink and suggested Andrew McCarthy’s character would be a better choice. The studio listened and the movie as we now know it came to fruition. The film may not have been anywhere near the success it was if the studio had stuck with the original script.

Where are research screenings held?

London is the most popular area but they are held nationwide, usually in key cities.   They are often held in cinemas but sometimes in private screening rooms at film company offices or in hotels that have private cinemas. Sign up with Showfilmfirst.com to hear about future research screenings.